Building wood truss houses

We have built this house in January - February - somewhere in Hungary.


Our kiosks for different markets may look this good.

We are starting the construction of this indoor arena on Monday - the 13th of November 2017

Our construction team will start the on-site building of this indoor arena on the 13th of November 2017 - close to Sânsimion - Romania.  

Indoor arena

Our business has and is manufacturing various wood products, and for the moment we are constructing an indoor arena for an equestrian sports center and club. Nowadays - an indoor arena is soon an indispensable element of a well managed equestrian club. The implementation of the project is made in such way, that this wood …


Choosing the adequate insulating material for your wooden house will consistently raise your comfort and lower your heating costs. But in the case of the timber frame and the interlocked beam houses the laws and regulations sometimes differ from region to region – when it comes to the thickness of the insulation. This is a …

Who we are

Our company, with it's more than 20 years of experience - in the last few years has manufactured lots of sales kiosks. Besides the interlocked beam and the wood truss houses, the above mentioned wood product is well known by lots of us - as Christmas present selling kiosks. Our business manufactures these in three main systems:1. …


Dear visitor! We are partly aware of the fact, that nowadays – people set various and multiple criteria when searching for wood houses for family homes or week-end houses. We also see that those who would like to build different wood constructions prefer searching for: cheap wood house or even DIY wood house. This is …