General information about wood house

We are manufacturing a large range of wooden products in different versions and dimensions. Our products can be used in a very wide area. Our main products are as follows: prefab house, holiday cottage, weekend house, summer house, cabin, motel, camping site, bungalow, garden house , tool shed , garage , garden pavilion or gazebo (rectangular or hexagonal), stable , dog-house , flower box and other garden accessories. Our raw material is the Carpathian Basin Spruce.

Because the tastes and needs of the clients are very different, we welcome your own house plan. With the technical details added and analyzed by our specialists we can send you our price offers in the shortest possible time. 

Wall structures of wooden houses

Products manufactured by us are mainly fabricated in two constructive systems:

  • Timber frame houses: these are modular homes and their basic component is the prefabricated sandwich panel in wood, covered with OSB panels, using metallic assembling elements.

  • Interlocked beam houses: with single or double interlocked beam walls.
    When using this system, elements fit perfectly by their grooves and tongues, so there is little need of using nails and screws during the assembling of these types of houses.

Main advantages of wooden houses are as follows

  • A traditional wood house is meant to last about 50 years, but in our region there are several wooden houses that were built almost 100 years ago and they still stand.
  • The building period of a woodhouse is a lot shorter than that of brick houses. This way, customer can save a lot of money, if compared with traditional constructions, as the finalization of this type of houses can be reduced to even two months.
  • Insulation of any wooden house may be done very easily, with the modern and various available products of our days.
  • Interlocked beam houses as well as timber frame houses may be treated with modern substances, conferring anti-bacteria, anti-fungus and basic fireproof effect to the elements.
  • Wood purifies and filters the air and in the meantime it strengthens the immune system of those who live in wood houses.
  • In wooden houses there are not the walls of the house, but the air of the living spaces that is heated, this way making an economy of 40% if compared with traditional constructions.
  • Wooden houses are ecologic, steady and durable and they assure short constructing periods that do not depend on the season.
  • Interlocked beam houses are self supporting structures with high stability, almost as the stability of brick houses, and if looked at from the seismological point of view wooden houses are superior to those made of bricks, as they are a lot more resistant.
  • Wooden house assembling is made with dry technology,  due to exactly dimensioned, factory prepared elements.

Main advantages of wooden houses are as follows

  • Surface: dimensions even up to 1000 m2 (or more), on one or more stories, depending on the structure of the walls
  • Timber frame walls: prefabricated wood panels, covered with OSB boards. Basic elements may be covered on one or both sides with various covering materials, such as: plasterboard, wooden wainscot, rendering, painting, polystyrene as well as different covering materials made of plastic. Insulating materials can be placed into the wall itself or on the inner or outer side of the wall, depending to the structure of the walls.
  • Interlocked beam walls: basic thicknesses of 40, 60, 70 or 90 mm or the double – insulated – versions of these walls. In case of insulated walls, a 100 mm. thick insulating material is placed between the two walls of beams, together with most of the wiring and plumbing needed for the building. Interior walls of this type of houses are usually of the same thickness as the exterior wall elements
  • Wood flooring (optional): it can be self-supporting or not. On the wooden frame one can place wooden floor elements or OSB boards of different thicknesses,
  • Roof: may be single- or multilayered, with or without insulation, covered with OSB boards, wooden wainscot or wood boards,
  • Access doors and windows: CLARITERM - heat insulated doors and windows, with 4.16.4. mm. glass. Entrance doors may be fully wooden or partially glassed. Windows may open in the traditional way or they can fold,
  • Inside doors: fully wooden, partially glassed or cellular – MDF panels on wooden frames,
  • Optional elements: terrace, balcony, upper floor, dormer windows, interior stairs, decorative elements for the garden,
  • Projects and plans: if sent by the client, they can be adapted to technical requirements, but one can also choose from the wide range of projects available at us.


Garden houses and tool sheds

  • Surface: between 2 and 35 m2,
  • Wall thicknesses: 19, 28, 40 or 60 mm.,
  • Wood flooring: optional, made of wooden elements of 19 or 28 mm. thickness or OSB3 boards,
  • Roof: 19 or 28 mm thick wainscot or OSB3 boards,
  • Doors and windows: non-insulated, fully wooden or partially glassed. If asked for, windows may have wooden shutters on them.


  • Surface: depends on the number of cars that will be parked, starting with one, and up to three or even more vehicles,
  • Wall thickness: 28, 40, 60 or 90 mm. thick interlocked beams or wooden truss panels (these can be covered with wainscot, OSB boards or other materials). If asked for, the garage may be manufactured with insulated walls,
  • Wood flooring: optional (of wood or OSB boards),
  • Roof: profiled boards, 19 or 28 mm. thick wainscot or OSB boards. Insulated roof can be delivered – on request,
  • Windows and service doors (optional): fully wooden or partially glassed. If asked for, windows may have wooden shutters on them,
  • Garage doors: wooden doors with traditional opening, folding doors with metallic frame, manual or remote controlled,
  • Optional elements: different divisions of the garage using parting walls, firewood storage compartment in or next to the garage,
  • Carport: building without walls, with roof mounted onto pillars, with eventual grids to separate individual parking places.

Wood houses in tourism

  • Wooden houses manufactured by us are perfect for camping sites, in different combinations and varied grouping
  • Our company also manufactures: motels, restaurants, guest houses, pensions or other housing or eating and lodging facilities, according to the plans and ideas of our clients.

Our products cover a very wide range. Considering this fact and in order to be able to provide the most accurate information to you, please do choose from our website, the product that fits your needs the best and we will send you the best price offer.
We would be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.