Plans  of  products  may be changed according to the clients needs. Our products may be ordered in wood truss or interlocked beam system.

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  • Surface: depends on the number of cars that will be parked, starting with one, and up to three or even more vehicles,
  • Wall thickness: 28, 40, 60 or 90 mm. thick interlocked beams or wooden truss panels (these can be covered with wainscot, OSB boards or other materials). If asked for, the garage may be manufactured with insulated walls,
  • Wood flooring: optional (of wood or OSB boards),
  • Roof: profiled boards, 19 or 28 mm. thick wainscot or OSB boards. Insulated roof can be delivered – on request,
  • Windows and service doors (optional): fully wooden or partially glassed. If asked for, windows may have wooden shutters on them,
  • Garage doors: wooden doors with traditional opening, folding doors with metallic frame, manual or remote controlled,
  • Optional elements: different divisions of the garage using parting walls, firewood storage compartment in or next to the garage,
  • Carport: building without walls, with roof mounted onto pillars, with eventual grids to separate individual parking places.