Who we are

Our company, with it's more than 20 years of experience - in the last few years has manufactured lots of sales kiosks. 
Besides the interlocked beam and the wood truss houses, the above mentioned wood product is well known by lots of us - as Christmas present selling kiosks. 
Our business manufactures these in three main systems:
1. Rapid - can be assembled in 3-4 minutes,
2. Tempo - can be assembled in 7-8 minutes,
3. traditional - manufactured of pre-assembled panels - which can be assembled in 15 minutes.
Please see the videos.

Our clients prefer to order these products before Christmas and Easter. Naturally - our usual products, as: wooden family houses, week-end houses, garden houses, pavilions and garages, stables and English boxes for horses, tool sheds, etc. can also be ordered at any time.